Provide structural design support needed to expand and/or upgrade ensuring the success of your improvements.

JN Engineering provides professional design services required to convert or improve tenant spaces ranging from single tenant spaces to entire buildings. We coordinate with architectural, mechanical, and other design consultants to determine whether structural revisions to the building are required to support new equipment, openings, and design components. Structural design for tenant improvement ranges from designing support for a sliding glass door and ceiling soffit framing, to anchorage of shelves, signage, bookcases, and displays.

Preliminary Structural Inspection to determine possible upgrade scope

Identification of Structural Systems

Structural & Seismic Upgrades

Coordination with Architect and/or Design-Builder

Plan and design review

Coordination with the City Inspectors and permitting offices

Evaluation of existing structures for Change or Use or Occupancy

Retrofit and Upgrade of Structural Connection to meet seismic requirements

Structural design calculations and drawings for permitting