Our Clients

Our clients see us as an extension of their team, and for us, they are a part of ours.

Vanos Architects: Jay Vanos- Principal

NOEISIS: Igal Azran- Principal

Alloi Architect: Marcos Santa Ana- Architect

O2 Architects: Octavia Rocha- Architect

10-19 Architects: Andy Liu- Principal Architect

DL Design Architects: Donna Leventhal- Principal

Monolith Design Group: Damian Lemons- Principal Architect

Joseph Spierer Architects: Robert Lesaca- Architect

Make Architects: Jess Mullen- Principal Architect

BoAA: Krystyan Keck- Principal Architect

Heery Int’l: Elaine Ettinger- Senior Project Manager

Harold Zellman & Associates Harold Zellman Architect

Boto Design: Bret Thoeny- Principal Architect

EIS Studio: Eva Sobesky- Principal Architect

Matters of Space: Alyssa Hurley- Architect

Teraform Studios: Joe & Aaron Klamon – Principal Architects

YA Architect & Planner: Youssef Amin- Principal Architect

NLStuido: Naomi Langer- Principal Architect

Warwick Group: Mark Warwick- Principal Architect

Shapiro Company: Barry Shapiro- Principal Architect

Environetics: Rodney Stone- President

Benjamin Clavan: Benjamin Clavan AIA Architect

H Randall Leach: H Randall Leach Architect

Gideon Danilowitz: Gideon Danilowitz Architect

House & Robertson Architects, Inc.: Mike Dizon- Project Architect

Paragon Design Studio: Eric Hammerlund- Principal Architect

H.I. Design: Judi Hodge & Ivan Ivanov- Principal Architects

S.E.A.: David Hertz- Principal Architect

PA Design: Peter Fergin- Principal Architect

Benjamin Clavan, AIA: Benjamin Clavan- Principal Architect

Gibson Design-Build: John Gibson Principal

Shepphird Associates: Will Shepphird- Principal Architect

Hub of the House Kitchen &Interiors: Carla Smith- Principal

Waterstone Development: Ed Wasser – Principal

Colega: Bogdan Tomalevski- Principal Architect

Gensler: Bob Anderson- Project Architect

FER Studio: Christopher Mercier- Principal Architect

Syndesis Inc.: David Hertz Architects